News today, 16th

The other day I woke up to hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury had criticised the ConDem Govt, along with a load of other anti-govt/anti-austerity news stories. Today I see again a wave of resistance to the trajectory of contemporary capitalism. Here are some links – I might do this for a few days:


Strikes in UK (June 30th &c):

Tory Party Donor in dispute over withholding money earmarked for poor:

NHS “reforms”:

“Miliband puts Cameron under pressure over benefit cuts for seriously ill. Labour leader urges prime minister to meet charities to discuss cuts that will hit cancer patients.”

Welfare cuts:

“Kim and I have a very special relationship: whenever I need help she’s there. If Kim decided to retire, God forbid, I don’t know what I would do. I couldn’t do without her.”

• Since this interview took place, recent funding cuts, and a reassessment of Andrew’s needs, mean that Kim no longer cares for him.”

Cuts to the arts: :

Money lost to the arts between 30.03.2011 and 16.06.2011: £20,399,820.00


Nida Ali, economic adviser to the Ernst & Young Item Club

The fall in International Labour Organisation (ILO) unemployment is mainly the lagged data catching up with the stronger claimant count figures seen earlier this year, and is nothing to be too excited about.

However, more notable is the steep rise in the claimant count in May; the third successive monthly increase. This is a more accurate reflection of the scale of weakness in the UK labour market and, as the pace of the public sector spending cuts accelerates, this trend is expected to continue over the coming year.

The story on wages is little changed. Headline regular pay growth slipped further in April, providing no evidence of any second-round effects of high inflation on pay settlements. This will come as a source of relief to the Bank of England and means that MPC members will be in no hurry to raise interest rates. However, wage growth of merely 2% in April represents a 3.2% drop in consumers’ real earnings providing further evidence of the big squeeze on household incomes.

Selling off Northern Rock for pittance:

That’s enough for now – I’m tired!


~ by Wit on June 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “News today, 16th”

  1. Hi Wit – were you always a cunt? Try not to write about people in such a critical manner having not met them – that would be great – I’ll try and do likewise regarding yourself, however I feel I’m losing the battle. First thing i’m working class – state school educated, dads a taxi driver, raised by mum – didn’t pay fees – quite poor. Neither parent owned a home while I was growing up. Don’t know why I am categorized as genteel along with Laurie Penny and Aaron Porter. Also regarding politics I can smell the narcissicism of minor difference – I would categorize myself as a libertarian communist if anything – but whatever. I do hope we don’t meet as I would feel compelled to knock you the fuck out and show some mixed race, working class aggression by making your no-doubt pug-faced features even more assymetrical you absurd little fuckhead.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Aaron

    I just saw the comment you left on my blog:

    I think it’s fair enough that you’re angry, given some of the things I said about you. It seems now we’re even, though and I hope you won’t think it neccessary to try to carry though on your violent threats should we ever meet.

    In response to one comment I made about you, someone who knows you, I forget who, called me out. They explained that you were “a generous and dedicated activist and person”, or something like that. I then apologised to them and retracted my remarks. I now do the same to you: I was wrong, it was a petty and a stupid narcissistic way to go about a critique. That’s not to say I agree with the arguments you have made in public about, e.g. social media, which actually correspond very closely to many of the remarks made by Laurie Penny.

    I hope that, as someone who defines himself as a libertarian communist, you do not object to open debate in whatever terms that debate expresses itself in, and will accept my apology.


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