The University in Crisis, #5: The Managerial Disease!


The University in Crisis, #5: The Managerial Disease!

23 February · 17:00 – 18:30
Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre, Lancaster University

Short public talk open to all to be given by Carlos Frade of Salford University, followed by open floor discussion of the current HE situation, and what we want to do about it.

Come! And bring friends and colleagues!

Followed by 7.30pm Lancaster and Morecambe Against the Cuts public meeting at Lancaster Town Hall.

The title of Carlos’ talk as follows:

The managerial disease and the coup de grâce of debt-financing: how it all works and what to do about it

This talk is about the crisis of the university and the wider crisis. It is an attempt to explain the gravity of the situation, to diagnose the possibilities for action and to suggest some orientations. In what concerns the university, it tries to envisage the trajectory which must of necessity be followed, namely: that which goes from the “Expensive ‘University’ of Cheap Learning” dictatorially ruled by the new sacerdotal class of managers totally unconcerned about education, to the “Popular University of Higher Learning” governed by its natural denizens: students, teachers, librarians and other support staff. This requires free women and men, that is, women and men who have cast off the yoke of managerialism and compulsory debt-financing, and have thereby recovered their capacity for thought.


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