Somethings are happening, but what? An ongoing dialogue

From: *_____________*
Subject: Somethings are happening but what?
To: *____Wit_____*

Many things are happening and I feel so far from understanding whats going on in the world. In Egypt, things are turned to be working class movement, please check the demands of people, they are all working class demans: How could people be so organised without any Party, even no union?
Yesterday, 1 million people marched against Berlusconi in Italy. Since 20 years, its the biggest march: Today Tehran is resisting:
Academia failed to analyse the crises (they still call it as financial crises although finance sector has announced huge profit in 2010 :-)) Is there anyone in the world of academia who understands whats going on? No…
see you tomorrow,

Hullo *___*,

Yes, many things are happening :D !

In Eygpt, my impression is that the anti-Mubarak formation brought together the working class and various sections of the bourgeoisie. Now that Mubarak has gone, the bourgeoisie wants to get back to making money. The central issue now seems to be “getting back to work” under the discourse of “restoration of normalcy”, which has brought together the bourgoisie and the military against the working class – including disgruntled professionals, public sector workers, etc. But, I think you’re right to question how the people could be so organised without any party or union structures. I think they’re not very organised, and my fear is that these demands will not carry through into the new hegemonic bloc, but will peter out over the next few weeks. — That’s my impression, but what do you think? I can’t claim to have a very good understanding. We’ll see, I guess.

Meanwhile, revolt is spreading throughout the middle east, but I feel very sad for the people of Iran. They’ve had huge huge protests before, but the reigme there is brutal and content to massacre them. I’m not sure what will happen. It seems to me that the situation is a bit different in Iran, e.g. since Iran is already quite cut off from West it doesn’t have the mediating factor of the “international community” publically condemning violence and privately making diplomatic deals etc. Who knows? Not me.

Italy! I saw the news on Sunday – this one, which focusses more on women’s resistance: It made me happy to see them coming out. I think Berlusconi is finished, and that a lot of it has to do with him undermining himself ideologically with this underage prostitution scandal E.g. surely this must have alienated a lot of his Catholic support? Of course, there are other mediating factors (e.g. legal and political scandals linked to it: Berlusconi’s interfering with police enquiry into the girl involved; female political aides being chosen on basis of sexual favours, etc).  But, I wonder if it will mean the end of the regime or only the end of Berlusconi? I reckon he will go fairly soon, but things will carry on much as before (just with a more “respectable” appearance).  However, on the other hand, Berlusconi’s approval rating is apparently at 35 percent – which is 2% higher than Obama’s :0 —- But, we don’t trust such measurements, of course.

I think you’re right about it not being a strictly “financial” crisis anymore. As to whether anyone in academia knows what’s going on? I doubt it :p

Hope you’re well? Finished with Gramsci? Will I see you at the vote of no confidence in the NUS President Aaron Porter, tonight? It’s at 7pm in George Fox Lecture Theatre 1 (next to Wong’s Kitchen, near Grizedale/Pendle). I have to say something there :/



~ by Wit on February 15, 2011.

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