Newspapers and Ministers are in Denial about Tories’ Racism

Follow up:

Centrist papers – the Guardian and Independent – are in denial: they present Cameron’s speech yesterday as “ill-timed and ill-judged” (Jack Straw’s remarks). But, the fact that the speech coincided with the EDL’s march was perfectly timed and judged. For, the fact is, Cameron’s intention was to give a green-light to the EDL. The Tory party is – there is no doubt – a deeply right-wing party. It is actively attacking workers, women and minority groups. It seems that it is deploying Islamophobia in order to consolidate its power by incorporating working-class dissent and deflecting critique via scapegoating and a vicious, racist street movement. Unfortunately, the Labour and Lib dem Govts are failing to critique this, since they too are pandering to anti-immigrant (and islamophobic) feeling.

The liberal mentality cannot process this: the editors of the national rags cannot believe their eyes and ears. “There has been a mistake”, they say. They are the ones making a mistake. Indeed, we all are so long as we fail to recognise the fact that we have allowed a racist and sexist, proto-facist party to take control of our parliament.


~ by Wit on February 6, 2011.

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