Britian has become a beacon for racism

On the same day the racist English Defence League holds its biggest rally ever, in Luton, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is set to make a speech condoning racism and islamaphopbia, that will compare muslims to fascists and make explicit that they are suspected of terrorism on the basis of their religious faith and/or ethnicity. One irony is that he will talk of creating a “common vision of Britishness” at exactly the moment when he and his party have waged class war, and where “we’re all in it together” is wearing thin (actually it is well worn through: even when said with bitter irony, it is starting to gall). A further irony is that he accuses muslims of being “ambiguous about British values such as equality between sexes, democracy and integration” at a time when his party is doing its best to undermine in every way possible equality, democracy and integration. However, there is no irony concerning his decision to give the speech on the same day that the EDL terrorises Luton, and the day after it was revealed that Britain is an international beacon for xenophobia and fascist street movements. This is pure calculation: he is giving the green light to racism. It is deeply worrying that that he feels able to do so in such an explicit manner.


~ by Wit on February 5, 2011.

One Response to “Britian has become a beacon for racism”

  1. First class piece of writing!

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