Just how stupid are the Tories??

When I came across this article, I had to check I wasn’t reading the Daily Mash, since it seems like a poor joke. But, no, this is the actual opinion of a Tory tipped for success in the party (begging the question – how stupid are the Tories?): apparently men are discriminated against by feminist bigots –

Tory MP Mr Raab, who seems to think the occassional feed constitutes gender equality


Whilst this news will come as a bit of a shock to anyone who lives in the real world, Tory MP Dominic Raab has managed to at least convince some of the deluded trolls patrolling the Daily Mail Comments section:

What this man is saying is so true & I agree whole-heartedly with his sentiments on the matter. Unfortunately he’s probably just committed career suicide. Cameron & the rest of the wet lefties won’t stand for such insubordination!

– Draco got it right. , Ryde, IOW. , 24/1/2011 22:16

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Well said, and I would have thought women would prefer to compete on equal terms with men rather than being ‘allowed to win’ and being treated like some ethnic minority as is so often the case at present.

– MRA, Manchester, 24/1/2011 22:11

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That’s raw talent: managing to argue that Cameron is actually a lefty, and managing to take a side-swipe at the ‘ethnics’ as well as the women.  I didn’t even include the one that implied that women who don’t dress in a feminine manner are terrorists…

Oh, the LOLz…….. (It’s laugh or cry)………..

Meanwhile, these are the five worst rated comments (i.e. least “liked” by comment readers):

This man is a buffoon (and I say that as a man). Did he make these views clear to women in his constituency before the election? Thought not…

– Longwellgreen, Tunbridge Wells, 24/1/2011 18:42

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This is total rubbish I do not think men get a rough deal look how many men are directors of companies and the difference in saleries between men and woman this is the true voice of the nasty party coming through again. Jules

– jules , Agen France Huntingdon Cambs, 24/1/2011 18:38

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I read his article and it seems he thinks the Mars and Venus books are an example of what feminists think, despite the fact that it’s feminists who argue against stereotyping (and yes, we do argue against anti-men stereotyping too as it’s harmful to everyone). So this is a man who clearly hasn’t got the first clue what feminism is all about, and yet feels qualified to pronounce about it. oh I suppose I shouldn’t be so mean about him, he’s done very well to become an MP despite all the anti-male discrimination he’s suffered – it’s much easier for women of course which is why the government is so heavily dominated by them – oh hang on, that’s not right….

– Katharine, York, 24/1/2011 18:38

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For heaven’s sake man – GROW UP!!!

– Annette, London, 24/1/2011 18:26

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What utter trash.

– Jojo, Poole, Uk, 24/1/2011 18:16

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Why do I quote these? I don’t know…



~ by Wit on January 25, 2011.

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