Is blogging just political masturbation?




~ by Wit on January 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Is blogging just political masturbation?”

  1. haha – sure, but lets not consider masturbation a bad thing!

    • Lol – well, that’s true.

      However, I’ve recently been reading Lenin’s Tomb, Zetkin’s Notebook, and the blogs/articles of the idiots they attack – e.g. Aaron Peters, Sunny Hundal, Laurie Penny, and others at Liberal Conspiracy and Left Foot Forward…

      Well, I read with some interest to start with, and posted some comments. But, I very quickly got this overwhelming sense of discomfort. 1) It’s all so incestuous 2) It’s all so abstract and 99% utter bullshit 3) It’s attacks on young people trying to find their political feet (including by me on at least one person who seemed slightly younger) 4) It seems very quickly to become an end in itself, not leading anywhere 5) It’s such a waste of time and my back aches enough from sitting at a desk to write my PhD, without spending more time at the screen.

      More importantly, though, Lancaster University, where I’m at, has been massively quiet/conservative regarding cuts (I mean, as far as students; our VC is a complete shit and has been very vocal on the pro-cuts, pro-fees side). A small group of us (who originally met a year ago to organise TAs into a concerted protest against working conditions – but failed to do so) have been organising a series of public talks by academics under the title “the University in Crisis”. We’ve got some good names: Bob Jessop, Maureen McNeil, Terry Eagleton, Carlos Frade, Mick Dillon. But, it’s not really seeming to be going anywhere after one term. We wanted it to be a flag to rally under, but it’s not happened that way so far. One of my good friends, whose opinion I respect a lot, elaborated a critique of the events and the open floor discussions as “political masturbation”: in short, everyone who comes says their bit and pats themselves on the back, but nothing is going anywhere.

      All these frustrations have come to a head, and one consequence is that I’m not sure whether it’s right carry on with this blog…


      • i say: the more conversations that are exposing the fallacies of 99& of media-political-institutional discourse, the better. and, similarly, the more conversations that acknowledge their own limitations, the better.

        keep going! this, right now, is all we have!

  2. WEll Wit, as someone who had the same concerns as you, I think that you should continue. I agree that on mthe most part it is just masturbation, but masterbation has a time and place. Also, the importannce of freely expressing yourself is important. Of course I know i cannot change your mind, but i would be remise if you closed this blog. as a canadian student i learn alot through this blog about what is happened in the uk, which is similiar in a way to whats happening in canada.

    the other thing is, once something is on the internet is cannot and should not be taken back.

    i hope this can convicne you at leas tto not delete the blog, even if you dont update it again.


  3. :) Thanks Nick,

    I definitely won’t delete the blog, promise! I think you are right about there being a time and place for this. I will keep posting some things and reading some things, but, from now on, I will keep firmly out of the melodrama taking place between some pseudo-personalities of the “blogsphere”. Meanwhile, I will try to work hard in my city to encourage a strong, effective movement to emerge. I’m already thinking of a few things to discuss when people return from Christmas holidays… I may write some texts for this purpose; if I do, I will post some of them here, too.

    It’s good to hear from you, hope all’s well :)


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