“Deregulating Resistance”… wth?!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately (and what I have been posting has been pretty crap – despite ample subject matter). Here is some more crap, in response to a fairly positive discussion by friends of this article:


Laurie Penny’s article is a bit shit, to be honest. The best bits are the jabs at the SWP. Apart from that, it’s pretty trite stuff – and a misdiagnosis of the situation, I think.

It seems to me that her basic point is: “Woah, look! These kids are using Twitter and Facebook! How Rad! That’s like, way more democratic than selling newspapers. It’s all like, spontaneous and anarchic!”

I’m suspicious of this postmodern affirmation of technology and individualism. She’s also shooting out in a pretty scatter-gun fashion: e.g. when she claims “That’s what class solidarity is all about, and solidarity has been the watchword of these protests.” She then talks about the dissolution of “class”. Having linked this dissolution to certain tendencies associated with Reagan and Thatcher, she then proposes, in short: “The objective situation has changed: we must incorporate/have incorporated those changes (i.e. atomisation; destruction of class solidarity).” Here her critique in effect naturalises the status quo and its ideology.

There are other things too. E.g. There’s something worryingly amnesiac about letting “Blairites and Brownites” into the fold at a time when the Labour party is till “New”, vehemently neoliberal, and pro-cuts and fees (both of which they initiated). And when did this become a “revolution”? Let’s have a bit of actual analysis and less of this sensational “we’re all in it together”-jumping-on-the-bandwagon-“go go go students! Get yourselves expelled for the glorious Mai ’68 nostalgia pieces in Time” bullshit.

In sum: just because it speaks the lingo of a Lefty, doesn’t mean it’s talking any sense.

Hope you’re enjoying the hols.


~ by Wit on December 28, 2010.

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