Student protesters in UK take a leaf out of Italian students’ books

Following up on a post below about Italian students, here is a pic from today’s protests in London, courtesey of the Guardian:

More detailed notes, later —-


~ by Wit on December 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Student protesters in UK take a leaf out of Italian students’ books”

  1. a couple of my friends were behind ‘negative dialectics’. i think ‘the coming insurrection’ was one of the titles too!

    • lol :D cool! :D Assholes though they are, I think it’s cruel to hit the police with Negative Dialectics – it’s more than a bit heavy (and they seem to struggle with thinking of any kind).

      I couldn’t make it to the protests: too far away and on a bad day for me. But, much solidarity. Let’s hope the energy keeps up and steps up after the New Year; let’s hope the unions get their arses in gear…

      Btw – wtf is with these Polizei assholes these days? This morning I heard a MET chief on the radio correct “protesters” to “thugs”, and say that armed police guarding the Prince showed “restraint”, since they would have been within their rights to start shooting people… It’s not that I had any illusions that they acted like this, but, I thought they were more canny that to just come out and publically say this sort of shit…

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