A couple more notes on the protest:

Scotland Yard’s view:
“The Met is extremely disappointed with the behaviour of protesters. It is absolutely obvious that people have come to London with the intention of committing violent disorder, not coming for peaceful protest.
That can be proved by the fact they have deviated from the agreed route. There have been seven arrests and three officers injured and they are in hospital. Obviously there has been a continued unprovoked attack by protesters….
(The injured police) came to work this morning to facilitate peaceful protest and end up being attacked by missiles, flares and other objects.”


This violence on behalf of protesters (which has been so overinflated by the rabid State-controlled media – i.e. the BBC), is the inevitable and direct consequence of the objective situation in which protesters find themselves placed against their will:

1) Where they realise that the Government does not serve them, but the interests of big business

2) Where they realise the Government is utterly unaccountable and deliberately deaf, blind and stupid to their protest

3) Where they realise that the Government is fully prepared to use all resources at its disposal to discredit, defame and trivialise protest

4) Where protesters find this political strategy backed up by heavily deployed, armed and violent police – who will hold them against their will; disrupt and enforce limits upon their right to protest; collect data and surveillance against protesters’ will, and without justification; confiscate property; threaten; assault; arrest; bludgeon; insult; charge on horses; deny medical aid…etc etc etc.

5) Where protesters realise that the courts won’t protect them, but also serve the interests of this armed and monied elite, who wield the law as a weapon.

Let us also say that deviating from a set route (laid out by self-elected organisers, not by ‘protesters themselves’, whatever that might mean) is not in any way ‘proof’ of intent to commit violence. If that’s your idea of proof, can we make it clear that there is no justice except the rule of violence: state violence. Otherwise, we might wonder if this is simply empty slander.

Nor is it in any way ‘absolutely obvious that people have come to London with the intention of committing violent disorder’. Indeed, this very statement rolls along before it a set of ambiguities which it is ‘absolutely obvious’ have no aim other than to discredit lawful protest – namely, a generalisation that attempts to implicate those who came to protest peacefully in violence. This is confirmed again in the overgeneralising statement that: ‘Obviously there has been a continued unprovoked attack by protesters….’.

In relation to this last statement, we should also note that protesters have been provoked: by the Government; by the lack of democracy in this country; by the police who violently enforce this lack of democracy.

Let us note that one or two police officers knocked unconscious is not a justification for sending in police to bludgeon and knock unconscious anyone they can get their batons on. And, if you’re going to horse-charge protesters, don’t be surprised if the stupid prats fall off their horses; or if the people you’ve just charged upon – risking their lives in the process – then turn angry enough to attempt to knock the bastards off their horses.

In short: When a generation realises that all it has been taught about freedom, justice and democracy is a bare-faced lie, and sees that what it took for apron-strings are in fact chains, don’t be surprised if it turns in anger to commit whatever violence is within its limited power. That’s not unprovoked. That’s us fighting to uphold all the mirages you conjured and the lies you told us: that’s us fighting for, amongst other things, truth, democracy and freedom.


~ by Wit on December 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “A couple more notes on the protest:”

  1. Well said… although I don’t believe the BBC can be described as rabid or state-controlled.

    If you want something to make you really angry about how little influence and power we have check this out: http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201012090034

  2. Hey Wil,

    Thanks for your comment :)

    I laughed a lot at the Glenn Beck clip. It’s so funny how he sets himself up as a school-teacher (with blackboards and everything!) and get’s all worked up. He pulls out a few random bits of information and holds them up (without forging any actual conntections) and seems, almost superstitiously (and certainly paranoiacally), to sense in these fragments some great conspiracy! Poor bloke. He seems like a confused old geezer who’s too scared to go futher than his front portch.

    As for the bbc: see this story from today’s paper: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/dec/11/jeremy-hunt-bbc-political-bias

    My feeling is that the ConDems have really leaned on the BBC with the weight of threats to make cuts. The BBC has got more right-wing/centrist since the election, and is refusing to give the Left a voice at all. Take, for example, these panel shows they do on the radio, where they have a “spectrum” of opinion: everyone there begins from a set of assumptions that are evidently politically right-wing and, in arguing about some other point, presents these assumptions as politcally neutral and generally accepted, even though they might well stand at the heart of the controversy. Either this is a political decision, or the BBC is run by idiots – and I don’t think it is the latter.

    A counter-argument: perhaps this shift to the centre-right dates further back. The BBC presents the range of opinions held by the three big parties as the full and complete range of opinion. Thus, since Labour has become more and more right-wing, Leftist opinion has become unrepresented. The story I posted would corroborate this: the accusation is not strictly that the BBC is Left-wing, so much as that they are biased toward Labour.

    I dunno. Any thoughts?


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