The University for Strategic Optimism

The University for Strategic Optimism!

Below are two videos from a group that all students will fall instantly in love with: those of the University for Strategic Optimism.

They’ve been holding “lectures” in public space: short happenings, which have so far taken place in a bank and a supermarket, in order to skillfully and wittily expose the contradictary politics of public space, and place the crisis of Higher Education firmly in the context of society as a whole. Watch the vids: every detail is perfect :D

They seem to be a London based group, perhaps associated with Goldsmiths or SOAS (where occupations have been ongoing). They look like a mixed bunch: probably postgrads and postdocs (and lecturers?), as well as UGs. This is all guess work, though their first two lectures were in London, and they’ve attended events/situations at SOAS and Goldsmiths.

It makes our own ‘the University in Crisis‘ lecture series look a bit lame – but, you do what you can. Perhaps we’ll be able to take a leaf out of  UfSO’s book….

Inaugural Lecture (Lloyd’s):

Apart from those vids, here’s UfSO’s blog:

Here’s the Really Open University’s blog, too:



~ by Wit on December 3, 2010.

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