Women Against the Cuts (Lancaster, UK)

Here is a text from a friend:

Women Against the Cuts

As women, we face the most devastating attack on our equality and independence since the end of the First World War. Women are being made to bear the brunt of the spending cuts:

Because of pregnancy and family care, women are still disadvantaged in the labour market and too many are in the part-time, low paid jobs that are always the first to go. Women rely on benefits twice as much as men do.

Cuts in Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit and pensions will disproportionately hurt women. The two most vulnerable groups have been identified as lone parents, 90% of whom are women, and women single pensioners.

Women make up 73% of local authority services employees and 77% of the NHS workforce.  Cuts to these services depend on the unspoken assumption that women will just be forced to step in at home to fill the gaps, taking on more and more unpaid care work to support the whole family’s caring needs.  And our neighbours’  too, unless we want to watch them suffer.

The Tory / Lib Dem plans rely on women’s unpaid coping work at home and in the community replacing paid jobs.

The quality of care services for all elderly people in this country is a national scandal but because women tend to live longer than men and women’s pensions are on average 60% less than men’s, older women are particularly vulnerable to cuts in care services.

Public services are not ‘charity’.  They are a right!

The annual deficit is £70bn – but the 1000 wealthiest individuals make £77bn in a year and £120bn of tax is dodged by the rich. Yet they are still fixing 72% of the cuts to the budget to come from women’s pockets. These cuts are stealing the progress made by women over the past fifty years and blighting the hopes of a younger generation of girls who will have to pick up what we leave.

We’re not having this. We’re not here just to be exploited. We’re going to pull together and fight back in our workplaces and communities – everywhere!

Lancaster Women Against the cuts.

Join us: womenagainstcuts@lists.aktivix.org

See this leaflet, too: WAC1


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