Can we get through even one week without a Tory publically revealing their disdain for the poor?

Well! Last week we heard Lord Young claiming that “the vast majority” were better off since the start of this “so-called recession”:

He’s gone: booted out, after even Cameron realised the impending disaster that would result from the Tories being (further) associated with such stupidity.

So now, this week, we hear that Tory peer Howard Flight has been mouthing off about how the pittance the Tories will allow to poorer families will have them “breeding”.

Well, if they can just keep up the once-a-week frequency they’ll soon turn-off all the middle-class voters they were so busy trying to make love to last election! (Actually, according to old Howard the Govt “reforms” blowing in have already turned their genitals cold…)

One thing is clear: the sooner these bastards fuck off and leave us alone, the better.


~ by Wit on November 25, 2010.

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