Hey ho, let’s go: Student protest continues!

Today there was a national walkout of secondary and university students, teachers and lecturers. In cities and towns across the UK protests large and small occurred.

MWAHaha! Let’s see how fucking long the ConDem “mandate” lasts, when students and their parents and their teachers unite!

Just got to keep the energy up!


Just a note: Journo’s keep asking, “so why are you protesting?”

The answer is so obvious people are fumbling for it. It is simply this: because of everything.

Because of the whole trajectory of society at the moment; because they’re not listening to us; because they’re fucking us over and expecting us to take it; because there’s no “democracy” in this country worth the name; because there’s a certain class of people (finance; the bureaucratic elites; the owners of big business) who are no longer even scared to make it clear that the whole of Govt and “society” is geared to service them, is orientated to their needs and desires – and not ours!

Now: the next step presents itself to us clearly. NUS, UCU, ATL, NUT, and other teaching unions need to organise unified strike action: no teaching, no lessons, no marking. The demands: everything!

No more cuts to education (“higher” or “lower”); no pay freezes; no “renegotiation” of pensions; better working conditions (vis class sizes, support, pay, retirement age – and everything else); no cuts to local council support services (used by schools); no tuition fees; no “impact” criteria; no surveillance of international students; no cuts to research funding; no cuts to student quotas; proper valuation of the humanities; no redundancies; no course closures; no department closures; no college/university closures; no to closure of support services……..

The list of grivances would take some writing!

But, now’s the time! And if the TUC want to get their arses in gear and call a national general strike against austerity – well! Then we can actually start being properly serious!



~ by Wit on November 24, 2010.

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