Solidarité avec les Manifestants Français et les Jeunes de Lyon!

Solidarity with the protesters in France, with the strike, and with the youth!

Disagree and they will boast that democracy is dead.

Strike and they will break you.

Protest and they will gas you and beat you with clubs.

Resist and you will be arrested – though you may be arrested either way.

You will be defamed in the media.

Your cause will be trivialised.

You will be treated like a dog.

You will be barred from the public places of your city.

They will make you pay for a mere stroll with your tears.

But all their oppression only confirms our mutual cause and solidifies our solidarity!

Down with the pig Sarkozy! Long live the strike! La victoire à les enragés!



~ by Wit on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Solidarité avec les Manifestants Français et les Jeunes de Lyon!”

  1. yo man, sorry i havent commented on your blog lately, what have you been up to?
    anyways, i subscribed to yuor blog and just want to say keep it up, i have seen you mkae some smart somments on upotia or bust, and i tihkn you are pretty smart.


  2. hah, thanks gls! :D


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