The Pupils of Dover are Leading the Way

Pupils at Dover Christ Church Academy, a secondary school recently reopened as an academy, walked out in protest at “efficiency” changes to timetables, brought in by headmaster Richard Williams.

These school ‘children’ are clearly leading the way in protest against the logic of technocracy! Solidarity! :D

This is not the first case of school pupils playing an important role in protest. For example, pupils have played an important part in Greek protest, forming occupations in almost all schools in the 1980s (? I will check with my friend who was involved and add a few more details), and more recently in marching on police stations following the police murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in December 2008. Now students in our own country are setting the example for other anti-austerity movements in the UK.

There’s a BBC video attached, please note the fact that the interviewed school kid gives a clear and convincing account of the protests: we are trying to make things better for ourselves. Meanwhile, all of the other idiots – the journo-hacks and especially the technocrat headmaster – are completely unable to 1) understand what has happened; 2) offer any coherent rationale; 3) offer any coherent response.




~ by Wit on October 5, 2010.

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