Labour Leadership Contest: A New Paragraph (from the Same Old Book)!

Well it seems that the right-wing candidate for the Labour Leadership election beat off (what a horrible image) the other right-wing candidates. Afterward, there was a brief embrace. Even the most cynical of us need to feel the simulacra of genuine emotion at some point, it seems.

Wow! A NEW DAWN? (Well, the sun continues to come up, though I do wonder sometimes why it bothers). Certainly the papers are claiming a revolution has taken place: Eddy-boy Miliband has made some comments about the possibility of surgically installing gastric-bands on the fat cats. But, it turns out that it was just an in-joke: the Party are certain he wouldn’t be that politically stupid, and that, although he likes to “criticise” freemarket capitalism, he wouldn’t want to endanger freemarket capitalism’s recovery. So, to “benefit the mainstream of middle-England,”  (I doubt it – unless he has the same understanding of “middle-class” as David Cameron) he’ll certainly ensure that welfare is cut before banker’s bonuses, and that workers – both blue and white collared varieties – are literally bent over and fucked up the arse before he is seen to be “collaborating” with his “trotskyite” trade union “backers”.

So I am forced to agree with at least the first clause of what one idiotic woman said on Radio 4 this morning: “It really is astonishing, it’s the most politically interesting time you could imagine!” It certainly is astonishing. As for being interesting, it’s interesting in the same macabre manner as necrophilia. For, with the entrance of Ed onto the scene, we see that Labour is certainly still pumping away at the rotting corpse of a labour movement it strangled with its own hands. And as with necrophilia, it is a rather stunted relationship, which will bear no fruit.


~ by Wit on September 26, 2010.

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