Sarkozy = Disgrace

Viviane Reding today became the only person in the EU speaking sense, when she hit out at Sarkozy:

“That fascist pig Sarkozy is a fucking disgrace to humanity, and I’ll certainly make sure the rest of his miserable existence is an unadulterated hell!”

Well… I paraphrase. For her actual comments, see the nuuz:

One question though: what of other EU countries involved in deporting Roma – notably Germany:,,5775224,00.html

Bien sûr, ce putain-de-merde, Sarkozy, est faible assez en ce moment; aber, der wahre Test is whether the EU criticises Germany at a time when they are such a key player (especially in economic bailouts), . Of course… the comparison of the current German government to the Nazis wouldn’t go down so well…!

It’s worth noting that the UK is no better, and at the moment there are already small-sounding plans along the same trajectory, e.g.:

All this gives ammo and precedent to the right-wing groups in eastern europe, some of whom are enjoying electoral success over proposed policies that would force Roma into ghettos.

Solidarity with the homeless…



~ by Wit on September 14, 2010.

One Response to “Sarkozy = Disgrace”

  1. It’s so difficult for nomadic peoples to exist in modern developed cities. Have you heard of the broken windows theory? This was a theory of urban development in the US spawned by rightwing or even “centrist” economists and social theorists who provided the now-ubiquitous doxa that trash, garbage, old things, messiness, etc. provide a haven for crime and delinquency.

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