Fascist Pig Sarkozy Expels Roma Whilst EU Watches

Ce morceau de merde, Sarkozy, has allowed mass deportation of Roma people from France. Meanwhile, the UK and other EU nations stand by, happy to spectate.

Why should we call this by any other name than Rascist and Fascist? That is exactly what it is.




Those who are content to watch this happen are of the same mentality as those who were content to watch the holocaust. It is that simple.

Meanwhile, in Hungary the far-right (which is fast becoming a misnomer, as the “centre-right” becomes steadily more overtly rascist and authoritarian) are calling for the Roma to be placed in concentration camps. Whilst this may seem merely ridiculous to some, they are unfortunately enjoying electoral success:


That gross pig Berlusconi has given his full support to Sarkozy’s ethnic-cleansing program, having, as it were, paved the way for Sarkozy by evicting thousands of Roma in 2008 during a “state of emergency”. Germany has also participated in such pogroms, evicting 12,000 Roma, including 6,000 children, to Kosovo. Meanwhile, France is attempting to gain support for its crimes from other EU countries:


Plainly this is the true substance of the EU.



~ by Wit on September 4, 2010.

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