Lancaster St. George’s Quay: Old Industrial Estate

For a change, a photo essay: Lancaster Quayside

I’ve been waiting to explore the old industrial estate on the Quay in Lancaster (UK) for ages. When my brother came down for a couple of days, and the sun came out, I knew it was a must. It was an amazing place. About a half-mile square of abandoned factories, in various states of decay. Only a few problems: 1) a lot of dangerous shit, especially subsidence of broken up wooden flooring in one factory; 2) some rotting shit, e.g. a window ledge I was trying to climb broke… I jolted a foot or so, and my back is still mother-trucked; 3) the one man security team, and possible guard dogs. However, these just added to the fun! :D

There you go! Tha’s mos’ of ‘m. Rest, and blow-ups is here (click). Nick photos by all means, but a reference would be nice.


~ by Wit on August 28, 2010.

17 Responses to “Lancaster St. George’s Quay: Old Industrial Estate”

  1. I’ve often wondered what was behind there. The collapsed floor looks like an enormous sculpture. i especially like the photo of the six plastic chairs bolted by metal frame to the floor, as though the degree of discomfort they imply was waiting all along for the place to be ruined around it – they look finally at home…

  2. Cheers Doc :)

    T’was a very cool place, and there’s been many a time I’ve peeked over the Berlin Wall that surrounds it, hoping to get a proper look. It was good to finally satisfy my curiosity.

    I know what you mean about the chairs: such a severe little room. Someone’s tried to make it more human by adding a few pictures – but the gesture just makes its coldness resound. Ruined places like that, abandoned by people who used to live and work there, feel pretty haunted.Something very dystopian/SF about it.


  3. I especially love the photo of the slabs of concrete that are dangling from the steel rods. They look like they could fall any minute. . . love kate

    p.s. nice shoes!

  4. Hey man, nice pictures you got there!! I am just wandering if it is easy to enter?, where is the best place to enter?, and how heavy is the security?? e.g (are there recent patrols and security checks??) :)
    Eric Chun

    • Hi Eric,

      Cheers : ) It’s a cool place – easy to take good pictures. It’s quite easy to get into: there are a few entrances, but we went in from the quay – there’s a little grassy path between the cricket ground and the boundary wall closest to the city centre (north-most). There is security, but I think it’s just one man and that he mostly sits in his cabin. There are dog signs up, but I didn’t see or hear any dogs. It’s a really big space, and the security is at the south-most side – if you walk/cycle down the quay you can see where the security porta-cabin is. In short, you have to be cautious, but security isn’t really a problem. However, it’s a pretty dangerous place. E.g. in most of the buildings the floors have been collapsed down onto one another. But, they’re not stable. If you’re moving around amongst that stuff, it’s moving around under and above you too! Plus, some of it’s rotten through. If you do decide to go, make sure you go with someone else – cos my own personal nightmare was getting trapped there and not being found for a month.

      Cheers for the comment, all best

  5. thx man i mean i have bean past it countless times befor just never had the ball’s to go in lol :D

  6. Amazing stuff, really enjoyed these pictures – Often wished I had the guts to get inside!

  7. Thanks Tangerine Breem Dream :D Well, I’d probably get arrested if I ever suggested you just go for it, and then you got crushed in some freak accident, etc. But, if you have someone else with you, it’s not so bad – as long as your careful, and the weather is nice :D


  8. Hey man…. I finally went in today… It’s brilliant, one thing to be warned of Are the asbestos rooms, the single story yellow rooms are where fibre glass was made so if you breathe in, you get a really nasty throught and really dry, but only for a few minutes, not sure if you experienced that, me n two mates went in, it’s fantastic!!!! When we went, we didn’t see anyone at all…. Just birds… Haha :D
    catchya laterr buddy

    • Amazing :D I’m glad you enjoyed it! Did you get any photos? It does feel pretty exhilarating to go around places like that :D Afterwards you’re buzzin…

      In a bit mon amis


  9. Yeah, I got a few mate, I keep going back everyday now with my mates, ha I love it!!! Except we were bricking it today coz we heard dogs in the room next to us (medical centre building) and we found a full propane tank that’s very rusty, also, a cable randomly snapped in the elevator shaft and we just f’ckin ran, lol, I’ll upload my pics of me n my mates when I get enough time.
    Eric, well it matt really to be honest just got eric from a random place… Haha…

  10. :D Sounds good, I look forward to the snaps – drop a link on here when you upload’em. Now there’s good weather again, and you reminding me how cool the place is, I’m tempted to go back down myself…


  11. Hey man, not been on here for a while, just thought I’d tell you that I’ve been quite a few more times since then, we found another builidng that looks pretty standard, but we found out that on the celllers was flooded with acid, becuase our mate ben was messing with someplace pipes that led underground they snapped on him and acid came pouring out and burnt his leg, but he’s alright now… Just thought I’d let you now also, there’s more factories further up the quay, towards the trainbridge…it’s called the roof and you are about 5/6 storeys up at the top… I would give you directions, but since they would make no sence… I’ll have a think on what I can do
    thanks man

  12. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for the tip off.

    Glad you’re enjoying your explorations. Look after yourself, though: a lot of that shit is pretty dangerous. Even though I was very careful, when I went I managed to pull a load of muscles in my back because I was climbing in a window and then the window ledge came loose and I fell. That acid stuff sounds nasty. Don’t want to hear next that you or one of your mates has been crushed under a slab of concrete :0

    Take care man,

  13. Good to see what is behind the old facades I am researching the family tree and quite a few of the family worked in these buildings when they were still viable sad to see the area so abandoned now.
    My Great Grandfather used to have a shop 26 St George’s Quay which was demolished in the 1980’s now the entrance to the Maritime museum

    take care

    Michael Wearing

  14. Hey man, it’s Matt here, haven’t been on here in a while, unfortunately I have bad news :/ This whole are has/is in its destruction, most of the buildings have been torn down and all of it’s walls have gone too… It’s a damn shame, at least my band got to take a few last band photos there :L Seeya dude!
    – Matt

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