Who is Micah M. White?

Who is Micah M. White?

…Someone I stumbled across on a misguided venture onto AdBusters.

We have a few clues:

Now…. what’s an “award-winning activist” when he’s at home? Let’s delve further:

“Micah M. White is an activist and writer. He has appeared on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and his innovative activism has been featured in the AP, the Chronicle for Higher Education, the New York Times and Teen People.

A Contributing Editor at Adbusters, Micah’s writings reach an international audience of over 100,000.”

Oh, so…… presumably he’s been awarded prizes for his… pieces… in the NYT and Teen People? (Oh, so that’s “award-winning activism”!)

So – his pieces are good, right? Well…

He does a nice bit of vacuous name dropping in this one. He does a good job of celebrating and heroising the pomo-gurus one is “granted access to” at the European Graduate School – the great “congregation of masters”: “Slavoj Žižek, Alain Badiou, Avital Ronell, Giorgio Agamben, Judith Butler, Michael Hardt, Jacques Rancière and Jean-Luc Nancy among others.” Wow. And he concludes that they’ve collectively realised that they “have nothing to say”. Wow.

There’s also this piece, where he adds nothing but embarassment to the generalisations of Žižek and Badiou.

And this little pomo-puff-piece where, in his own uniquely patronising way, he tries to make  domination the result of our linguistic/psychological difficiencies (“Oppression can be traced back to the way we think, and hope of liberation rests on escaping this binary thinking.”) He then does a rather spectacularly awful job of dealing with World War II (“In fact the primary way of disturbing categories – pointing out that the primary term is only defined through exclusion of the other – might have effectively stalled the pseudo-scientific Nazi eugenic project. The problem with the postmodern approach, however, was that it came too late. While it could have offered a way out of the genocide of World War II…” &c.) And finally he resorts to a spiritualisation of the pomo-quest for justice (“It takes courage to insist that in the coming era differences do matter – like the difference between comrade and consumer, human and glutton or the good life and consumption – and that without a return to the genocidal modernist project, we can forge a new path that gathers its strength from the difference between spiritual wealth and material greed”).

So, in other words, he’s an idiot?

Well… apparently he has a fan-club!

Although, on clicking it, I found out (as I suspected) that its just a way to scam money out of you.

Jees… for an Adbusters “Contributing Editor” he sure does a good job of self-advertisement!

…But, at least we can rest assured that “Micah M. White does not use Facebook or Twitter”!



~ by Wit on August 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Who is Micah M. White?”

  1. I think this needs to be updated…Seriously!

  2. How so?

    It was written in August 2010. Some of the links have gone sour, but, then, probably Micah’s profile looks a bit different now.

    Perhaps these comments don’t seem fair now, but they were fair then. I don’t feel like rewriting it. I don’t think it should be deleted. Back then it was fair comment, and it should be understood as having been written at a certain time and place that was quite different to the present.

    As for myself, I’ve also changed some. And this blog is dead now. I don’t have time to write acidic notes as I’m usually too busy either with organising or trying to finish my PhD.

    So, don’t get angry!


  3. There is no doubt that “Micah M. White” is a joke and a fraud. More people need to speak up against him. I had subscribed to “his” newsletter and have been flabbergasted by his statements. Most recently, he’s been saying that activism is dead because it isn’t working. On the other hand, he says violence is a temporary answer that doesn’t change anything and should not be used.


    If it weren’t for violence, there would not be a “United States”. The French and American Revolutions CHANGED things, LONG TERM, through violence. Here in the U.S., labor unions and the right to form one are protected by law. The ONLY reason laws were passed in favor of them was to avoid the VIOLENCE that was caused because of them. When Bolivia privatized water to the extent that people couldn’t even collect rain water, violence made their government back down.

    Yes, it would be great if we could change things without violence, but the powers that be are intensely powerful and violence is often all we little people have in fighting the empire.

    Micah White is supposedly about activism, but he has provided no way for the activists to discuss together. No “comment” threads, no way to connect. Everyone knows TALKING is the first step in organizing. Micah White only lets his voice be heard. This is a problem. Micah White is EMPLOYED to lead us to abandon hope. He needs to go.

  4. Reblogged this on the virtual magazine for protest & popular culture.

  5. Micah White is a pathetic fraud who promotes himself as having a PhD – but that comes from an un-accredited institution whose degrees are illegal in many states. He clearly does this to make himself sound more educated than he is. Or perhaps he just can’t handle the fact that he wasn’t good enough to earn a real PhD.

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