Left in the North West


Just created a forum called “Left in the North West”:


Here’s the blurb:

Left in the North West…

Is an online space created for leftists (whether you consider yourself anarchist, communist, socialist, marxist, or whatever) in the North West of England. The aim of the space is to aid the building of a community in the NW, and as a tool to help organising. It isn’t an e-zine, or a blog, or a bring-and-buy. But, you can post anything: pics, links, posters, comments, analysis, ads for events, meetings, groups, blogs, zines, etc. This doesn’t all have to relate to the North West, that’s just an anchor. Nothing will be cut out except spam and repetitive abuse from trolls.

Particularly do go out of your way to post upcoming events!


Do go and post :D



~ by Wit on August 8, 2010.

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