Cameron Gaffes: An Objection

I have a major objection to the media reporting that Cameron made “gaffes” during a recent “postmodern-democracy” session (you know, one of these interactive Pop-idol type affairs that have become so popular since the election campaigns).

Here it is:

Accusing him of making mistakes implies that the majority of what he says is not mistaken; whilst, in fact, not only is he a clueless idiot, but the whole trajectory of the Con-Lib coalition is based a set of ideas and misanalyses that are so thoroughly mistaken that I wonder if they’re not actually deliberate lies.

Actually, I do think that is what they are: a strategic set of lies.

Anyone who even engages the framework for discussion they have established, is going to find themselves pulled by the gravity of idiocy into a series of distortions.

Meanwhile… the real centres of power are growing stronger: chiefly, finance.


~ by Wit on August 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cameron Gaffes: An Objection”

  1. Amen

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