Deported Asylum Seekers Assaulted by UK Border Agency

Every day a new crime: today’s under-reported story is that Iraqi asylum seekers have been assaulted and beaten by UK Border Agency officials.

One of them, Sherwan Abdullah, a Kurd, told the BBC he and others had been beaten by UKBA personnel to force him off the plane in Baghdad.

“They was grabbing us, they told us if you don’t come down, we’re gonna beat you badly, and we’re gonna take you out,” said Mr Abdullah.

Asked if this happened on the plane, he said: “Yes on the plane. If somebody wasn’t willing to come out, they grabbed them, they grab the neck, they nearly killed them, they nearly kill them, these people cannot breathe.”

14 of the deported all told the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, that they had been beaten by UKBA employees both to get them on the plane in London, and off it in Baghdad.

There were also reports that Iraqi police had stolen the money from deportees.

In other words, human beings who made the mistake of seeking asylum in Britain found themselves stripped of all dignity, treated like cattle, and subjected to systematic and aggressive violence.

Sickening. My country disgusts me continually.


~ by Wit on June 18, 2010.

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