Specialisation of Anarchism:

I watched a film today, called Commune, made by a friend over at Utopia or Bust.

Following through on that I bumped into this:

“Some Recent Actions of the Imaginary Party”

This was my comment in response:

Submitted by anon on Sun, 2010-06-13 23:36.

This post, this “analysis” exemplifies the ongoing debasement of the Left under capitalism.

When we call murder “radical” and suicide “resistance” we become truly “postmodern”. We aestheticise our own alienation, contorting our thoughts to the point that this very alienation becomes our “strength”.

In short: this particularly American Anarchism is a narcissistic fetishisation of its own marginal status. It is anti-revolutionary.

These “radical” specialists turn radical theory into myth. Whilst analysis becomes hollow, rhetoric becomes a reified fetish item: “Terrible Communities”, “The Imaginary Party”, “Formlessness” and “Unreadability”.

It is this tendency which aligns this peculiar form of “postmodern anarchism” with the trajectory of capitalism: toward atomization, commodification, specialisation, reification, alienation.

What was it Debord said… “victory will be for those who have known how to create disorder without loving it”.

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It angered me because it picks up on two tendencies recently observed:

1/ I’m studying for a PhD thesis, and it sometimes seems to me that some of my fellow students are using “critical theory” as though it were a set of (specialist) myths with which to demonstrate nothing other than their own virtuosity.

2/ Talking with a friend about the Athenian bank fire, we noted a tendency in anarchy there toward specialisation, narcissism and complete contempt for everyone and everything beyond anarchy. I will post my friend’s article on here soon.

Anarchists and all revolutionaries (especially the tenured or would-be-tenured variety) need to address this problem and soon; otherwise we will have to face the fact that we have fetishised our own status to the point that this status itself has become an impediment to revolution.



~ by Wit on June 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Specialisation of Anarchism:”

  1. This is great. I think we are all vulnerable to a bit of revolutionary hubris now and then.

    I’m no Maoist, but he said quite a few things on the importance of self-criticism.

  2. Is ANARCHY Revolution? ..Or is ANARCHY a community of people that just want to be left alone, and not messed with?

    If it is for REVOLUTION, it is by definition a movement that wants to change what presently exists, to the opposite of what exists. To turn what exists on it’s head! That is the meaning of REVOLUTION!

    What exists in every nation, is a system, that at it’s foundation is a system that is evolving in both a gradual and in a abrupt way away from what it was in the past, to the opposite of that what exists today.

    Revolution is destroying the foundation that supports the super structure that you as a revolutionary intend to topple!

    The system that exists in our society is the system that was PRIVATE ENTERPRISE!

    The system of private enterprise has evolved over time from a system of free enterprise and a free market economy to a “Private Enterprise and a private market economy.

    We now have a capitalism that is a controlled market economy that has a character that is GLOBAL and is no longer NATIONAL!

    So if you are going to have a REVOLUTION, You will have to change the foundation to the opposite of what it is. You cannot move backward in time and bring back what existed in the past, you can only move forward,

    The opposite of a economy that is global and privately owned and is designed to profit the “OLIGARCHY” of global multi national capitalists, is a economy that is designed to profit all of the people in the world without discrimination.

    Lets face it! A global capitalist economy will destroy the “NATION STATE” and what will eventually replace “NATIONS,” will be a INTEGRATED GLOBAL VILLAGE that will have a planned economy that will serve the world’s population without discrimination,

    ” Cooperation” will replace “competition” as the revolution will turn everything to it’s opposite!

    If you are for REVOLUTION you have to have a world view of world change!

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