A “victory for democracy”

Willie Walsh, head of British Airways, was on the radio this morning (again). One comment struck me. He claimed the latest high court injunction against strikers was a “victory for democracy“.

Now, what could Walsh mean, given that workers overwhelmingly voted for the strike? Given that no society is truly democratic unless workers are given control over their work? Given that the courts had shamelessly revealed the already blatant link between State, judicary and big business? Given that even the courts had to concede they were wrong to grant the injunction when the case went to appeal?

Oh, what Walsh means was, it was a victory for the free market. For those who have fully absorbed the neoliberal creed, “free market” and “freedom” are synonymous.

Funnily enough, Thatcher made the same mistake when she went to visit Augusto (the mass murderering dictator who came into power in 1973 through military coup sponsored by USA et al.) Pinochet, in 1992, and applauded him from bringing democracy to Chile. Here’s the Guardian’s article from back then.

All the same school, all of the same school.



~ by Wit on May 21, 2010.

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