Happy International Workers’ Day!

Happy May day, and solidarity!

Feel free to write me things that happened on May day – especially anything you were involved in.

I went down to London, but no-one wanted to go to the protests with me (my usual companion in such things was snowed under work-wise). Instead, I was just visiting a friend with my girlfriend. Still, I engineered that we passed by to see how things were progressing… and was glad we hadn’t bothered to make a day of it. We arrived in Parliamentary Sq. just as the horses of the apocalypse arrived. Only, it seemed the apocalypse itself had been postponed. To be honest, you couldn’t tell anything unusual was going on – there were only marginally more protesters than you usually find sat out in front of the houses of parliament. It made me feel pretty depressed so we didn’t hang about long.

Here are some photos from Indymedia:


They make it look better than it was… mostly it was just a few smug Socialist Worker cronies, and a straggle of hippies having a good time (but they are so determined to be hip that they’d have a good time anywhere). I don’t mean to be negative, but I had hopes. Perhaps I missed something.

Here’s a quick write up of another May day event, in Manchester, also from Indymedia (sounds like there was more going on in Manchester):


I also want to offer solidarity to the Greek people and acknowledge the justice of their fight. The UK media has focussed on the Police dancing around with flaming uniforms; on the one hand this is sensationalisation and on the other it is a misplaced focus since molotovs are thrown in Athens day in and day out (strange as they look to Brits). On the train I read the Daily Telegraph’s article on the protests (I didn’t buy it), and it was almost hilarious to see how overtly they align themselves with the bourgeoisie, more concerned with the ending of tax breaks to the rich (cf. swimming pools being covered with green taurpauling to evade Google-maps using Tax Inspectors) than with the legitimate concerns of the majority of people. Finally, their analysis is so skewed that they use the indugences of the rich (and their tax avoidance schemes) to justify a crack down on workers rights, pay and pensions, and on welfare and other public spending. What shit, anyway. Much solidarity.

Here’s also a few pictures from the Guardian of May day around the world (even though they’re almost entirely of police): http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2010/may/02/may-day-protest?picture=362114987

It seems big protests where happening in Berlin and Hamburg, Bogotá and Cali (Colombia), Athens (0f course), Santiago (Chile), Paris, Rosarno (Italy), Moscow, Sofia (Bulgaria), and Istanbul. Here’s another good link mentioning more protests in Nepal, Cuba, Bolivia, the USA (with a key focus on Arizona’s new rascist immigration laws), Palestine, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malasyia and Australia with video clips:







~ by Wit on May 2, 2010.

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