Guardian Election Posters…

Oh my – this is the best a group of artists could do to create alternate election posters:

Take a look at the posters.

There’s also a write up by the Guardian’s art critic, that’s almost too boring to read, but I’ll post that too:
If you must, here it is.

The thing I noticed the most was the paucity of these offerings, politically as well as artistically. Compare them to the posters of ’68 (e.g. here and here)… it’s embarassing.

So in the spirit of ’68, I tried my hand at a few posters. They’re not very good (I didn’t spend much time on them), but, for what it’s worth, see below! Feel free to send me your posters and I’ll put them up on here: send to

This last one is a bit messy, but worth the LOLs:




~ by Wit on April 27, 2010.

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