Who has David Cameron been talking to?

A pretty funny link passed to me by a friend:


Obviously a satire that came out of the Leaders’ debate, where all three leaders (to be fair) kept coming out with very random and stupid “case studies” to simultaneously support their opinions and make them out to be “good guys”, eg.  Cameron’s “Last week I met a black man and he told me that he felt let down by the immigration system, and that if we let just anyone in we’ll be letting down immigrant communities as well” (not quite verbatim, but close). Similarly Clegg stessed that it was in a Sheffield hospital that he decided the immigration system was no longer working, whilst Brown mentioned that Police should have a greater presence because he was forever being bullied by youths hanging around outside cornershops (an experience with which the other two obviously empathised).

Anyway, I hope you’re mildly amused by the link.



Almost in hysterics over Daily Mail story – they actually tracked down Cameron’s “40 year old black man”, who turned out to be angry over inaccuracies. See the story here.



~ by Wit on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Who has David Cameron been talking to?”

  1. he’s 40 and he’s been in the navy for 30 years. wtf. since he was 10 he’s been out at sea.

  2. Ha, I didn’t even notice that until I heard it in the press. It’s amazing how much bullshit they can get passed without most people (inc. me) noticing.


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