UK Elections, May 6th

If you were listening to the radio news this morning (or if you listen to any other BBC news-source in the next month) you are likely to gag on the excitement-overload with which the BBC appears to be attempting to inject the upcoming election.

Historic this election may be – what isn’t? But, a “chance for change”, a “big choice” this is not. Anyone with an ounce of acuity will have noted that the differences between the parties is almost irrelevent, whilst it is the continuity between them that condemns us.

Yet, a huge campaign to increase voter participation has been mounted – and little surprise since in 2005 voter turn out was only 61%, and that was before the MP Expenses scandal. The fact is, vote turn out will again be very low, undermining the legitimacy of our “leaders”.

Cue a lot of morons (including friends and colleagues) telling us that we absolutely HAVE to vote, that “it is the one opportunity we get to excercise our political opinion!”

Let’s pause a moment and think this little sound-bite over: What we’re being told is that our political system only allows us to participate via a tick-box on a tiny piece of paper, one amongst millions, once every 4 years? And so we should be thankful, and accept this role dutifully and actually endorse this process? Woah, well, I stand corrected in my cynicism! My vote definitely is precious, thank you so much for setting me straight! Now, just one more thing: the Posh Cunt or the Torturer? Oh, wait, sorry – there are other parties of pathetic bureaucrats with no relevance or connection to reality, let alone me? Well, fuck me if our democracy isn’t really a rather sunny wonderous thing!

My vote: amongst the GREAT UNHEARD! (No, not Cameron’s entirely too often heard middle-classes.) The great unheard who refuse to participate in this sham, who refuse to pick amongst the pseudo-choices allowed them, who refuse to vote. I will, however, be protesting the farce and celebrating solidarity at the May Day Election Meltdown.

Let’s hope this year for a voter turn-out of less than 50%. Remember, more than they want you to vote for them, politicians simply want and rely upon you voting at all; every vote not used is a vote against the system.


~ by Wit on April 6, 2010.

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