Address Book of Student Protest…

A Spectre is Haunting England – The Spectre of Student Rebellion…

I. Student rebellion is already acknowledged by all Powers to be itself a Power
II. It is high time that Students should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies.
III. To this end, below is published a short address book of Student Protest.


Education Not For Sale (ENS):

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts:

Occupations: O is for… with a good (though outdated) list of occupations (unis and otherwise).

Westminster University:

Fight Cuts at Westminster

Photos of occupation from Jules Mattsson.

UK Indymedia story, Westminster Occupation

Interview with a Westminster Occupier @ENS

Sussex University:

Defend Sussex

Brighton Solidarity Federation

BBC News Story

Sussex Occupation, interesting write up by SchNEWS on UK Indymedia

The Rat Catchers of the Sewers (of Salford Uni)


Leeds University Against Cuts

The Really Open University


Leeds Student Online: Staff Braced for cuts

Leeds Student Online: Staff and Students Unite

Yorkshire Evening Post story

University of East Anglia:

East Anglia Branch, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

UEA Management Terrified; Story @ENS

Clip from Look East (BBC Regional News)…always interesting to see how mainstream media puts these things together

Kings College:

No Cuts At Kings

London College of Communication:

Oppose LCC Course Redundancies


Aberdeen Defend Education FB group

Solidarity from Sussex for Aberdeen Occupations

Manchester Metropolitan:

Facebook group: MMU Stop the Cuts


Subtext2, blog of a group of Lancaster students and staff involved with discussion group critical of TA working conditions and HE situation

Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts

There is an NUS (LUSU) campaign, but it is very shit (small, bureaucratic, dominated by SU President’s ego). There are also small groups and individuals making more local complaints. Perhaps these will coalesce in the not too distant. Finally, there is a very good discussion group being run small scale by students from Politics, Sociology, English, Linguistics, Criminology departments. It’s growing. Any Lancaster readers who are interested, by all means try to sniff it out and join in, though we’re shunning advertorials so far.

I know there have been many events by others all over the county, including in Manchester, Newcastle, other London Unis, etc. Please get in touch if you have addresses and I will add them in. Otherwise, will update as I go along.

I would also note that there is a WAVE of other protest by other groups including public and private sector workers, and students and workers across Europe and the US (and beyond?). Keep your eye on Greece, for example.

Recent report on Greek protest from an Athenian friend:

Oh, its kicking off big time.
(a) the chief Union Leader was attacked
(b) the State Accounting Burreau is occupied (!), while
(c) the workers of the Ministry of of State occupied the National Printing House, so that the new legislation (dictating the slaries’ and pensions’ cuts) cannot be printed (!!!)

And, i doubt if Anarchy is the leading force in all this (not sure). It must be workers’ and Leftist groups, who’ve been radicalised during December, and are having a field day.

Meanwhile, polizei is attacked by anyone during the marches; they are running scared from A; and -in their panic, they’ve tear-gassed (point blank) a man who: (i) is about 90 years old; and (b) is the living symbol of the resistance against the nazis (during the occupation, he and his comrade brought the Swastica flag down from the acropolis, and raised the greek one at its place). Already the event is being framed as “the nazis are avenging their humuliation in ’43”.

Oh, it’s kicking off alright.

I also want to note down the occupation by over 150 workers of the 5-star Karachi hotel Pearl Continental, in solidarity with co-workers fired for belonging to a trade union.

Love and Solidarity,

P.s: Fuck the NUS bureaucrats; fuck all bureaucrats and manipulators.


~ by Wit on March 12, 2010.

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