BBC: Bastion of Free Speech and Democracy?

The proposed cuts to the BBC last week caused a huge debate in the media. The right-wing defenders of the ‘free market’ (i.e. idiots) claimed that, unlike the freemarket, public-funding of the media is undemocratic; meanwhile a bunch of other idiots of the pseudo-left proclaimed the BBC the last bastion of free speech and democracy.

At UPUA we can only wonder at the stupidity of this masturbatory event.

However, it seems appropriate to draw readers attention to a recent story run simultaneously by the BBC and UPUA, concerning the recent protests at Sussex University.

See this story:

Note how the BBC’s pseudo-neutrality crumbles, revealing a State propaganda machine addicted to maintaining the status-quo. Note that the hook of the story is the arrests; that they minimise (in order to delegitmise) the numbers of students involved, choosing the lowest estimates; that they begin and end with police reports and university manger’s comments, flanking and thus minimising protesters statements; that they do not actually allow a platform for any discussion of why the protests took place (thus making it seem irrational, out of place, unnecessary) and do not put the protests in their proper context, mentioning the extent of cuts, the UCU vote, &c., &c. Nor do they present any counter story to claims of assault and criminality; nor attempts by mangement to criminalise the events; nor acknowledge claims of police brutality. They fail to mention, for example, that the management claims are for the most part unsubstantiated, and that this latter was caught on camera.

In other words, don’t cut 6-music, cut the propaganda machine.



~ by Wit on March 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “BBC: Bastion of Free Speech and Democracy?”

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