Quick Note on Sunday

Just a quick post:

“Systematic abuse” is a condition of existence under Capitalism.

I went to Londres yesterday to meet a friend. It was a nice day, and I felt a bit sad when we said goodbye (even though it wasn’t a particularly emotional farewell).

I’m writing a new story – I will post it soon.


I miss the Miss – look forward to her return home later.


Adieu,  with love,



~ by Wit on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “Quick Note on Sunday”

  1. I had absolutely no idea that that was you talking to me. I’m dumb..I was too tired to look very far.

    Hello! I am most glad I kept you on the edge of your seat. More things happened, but I forgot them.

    I am currently nudging books around in Waterstone’s (YAY) although right this second I am suspicious that I have dislocated my little finger. Does that hurt? Is it noticeable? So where are you and the pretty one, you tww doing okay?

    I want to end with some really witty statement but I can’t think of anything, so just laugh hysterically for me and then never explain why.

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