REVIEW: Lost In Translation

LOST IN TRANSLATION, dir. Sophia Coppola, starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson (2003).

Everyone else has seen it, apparently, so this is somewhat belated. I only just watched it.

My girlfriend recommended it to me way back when we were first together, along with a few others. Now I’m home alone without her for a little while, and so in the perfect mood: melancholy, slightly-self indulgent, lots of time on my hands to be floor pacing and wondering.

The soundtrack is just right, isn’t it? All the way through. Japan affords lots of lovely city shots. The mise-en-scene is like a feng-shui Blade Runner.

The supporting characters are sometimes a little cheaply drawn, and the Japanese are painted with a broad brush I think – I’ve never been to Japan.

I guess the best bit of the whole thing might well be the whispered ending, though I know a lot of people hate it. Or maybe the best thing is spread out onto everything; the best thing is the space, the quiet, the chance perspectives.

I enjoyed it a lot anyway. It got me to that melancholy place I first found standing at the back end of a ferry, night-time, being battered by a freezing wind. I was on the way back from a school trip, of all things. I thought I was in love for some reason, with some girl I didn’t know in the slightest. I think most of all I was in love with the night, the space, the loneliness, the alterity of travel.

Perhaps that sounds self-indulgent; it is. It’s one of the finest of all indulgences – better than smoking, better than wine.

This hasn’t been much of a review. I feel too emptied out. Most of all I’d like to be back on that boat, or somewhere similar, but with my arms around this woman I do know, and love.

Here – token gesture: *****



A different review by a fellow blogger…


~ by Wit on September 16, 2009.

One Response to “REVIEW: Lost In Translation”

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I appreciate your feedback. I apologize for my lack of updates lately. I live in DC, and sometimes I get very disenchanted with the whole thing.

    LOVE your personal description on the sidebar by the way.

    I am a big UK fan…spent a bit of last summer living/studying/working in London (yes I know London is not the entirety of the UK), but I just loved it. Recently read a book called “Notes from a Small Island,” which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’d be interesting to get a UK perspective on it…as it is about traveling in the UK, though the writer is an American, he lived there for 20 years. Hilarious stuff.

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