P’town: Where I grew up.


P’town is this city in the Flatlands.


I grew up there. Wasn’t born there – I was born in Watford General, looking out over the football stadium. But, England has a current flowing through it – from North to South. Only, when it hits the South it’s forced back on itself, it eddies. P’town – or “P’bra”, or “the Boro”, as it is often known – P’town is the slack water pool of the eddy. Where stuff flows back on itself, gets caught, goes round and round, stuck. 

Still. It’s better than Watford. 

I grew up there: I was a little boy when I moved there with my family, and when I left I was… older, anyway. 

It wasn’t bad to me. And I didn’t get stuck (I crawled out). I know a few people stuck there. I made some good friends. Sometimes we all meet up in the Boro, playing with that dangerous loop-back, repeating history. We’re brothers now – and not through some Wisbechean-genetics, but through history. 

I often think about that history. I come back to it: you could say that it is a “central” preoccupation of the little attempts at stories I write. I say attempts, because as I write these little sketches they won’t stay stuck together – they fall apart in my hands. Maybe it’s something about P’town that’s infused in those fragments that causes them to refuse coherence. 

Or maybe its just my lack of ability. 

One day I will write the story of P’bra. I’ll write of its backwaters, where the grass grows long and young boys fall in (and out of) love. I’ll write of the streets and alleys I mapped with my brothers: the walls I sat on, bridges I sheltered under, fields I lay in. Perhaps about the undelivered letters, and the rain. Or the Frisbee games, the illicit coffee mornings and smoky afternoons. I’ll write ab… 

I’ve written enough. For now anyway. 




~ by Wit on August 3, 2009.

One Response to “P’town: Where I grew up.”

  1. YO, Keep on Keep on Keep on writing biatch!! x

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